Professional Care for Your Pet's Teeth at Woodbury Animal Hospital

The oral health of cats & dogs can be easy to overlook. As owners, we don't often think of things like brushing a pet's teeth. And unless dealing with pain or other pressing dental issues, it's rare that we give much thought to our pet's teeth and gums. However, the oral health of pets is a major aspect of overall wellness, and can also be an important preventative care measure.

By simply coming in for a check-up every 6-12 months, you can save both yourself and your pet a great deal of future stress and discomfort. Some of the most painful and expensive dental emergencies, such as broken or infected teeth, can be avoided through regular upkeep. Moreover, poor oral health can actually lead to or complicate disease in other areas of the body, such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. It is highly recommended that your pet's teeth and gums are assessed regularly.

Pet Dental Care Services

The veterinarians of Woodbury Animal Hospital are credentialed to perform a wide range of dental procedures, from basic check-ups and cleanings to surgical extractions. Our dental x-ray equipment enables us to identify problems accurately and take the utmost care in every case we see. We also refer to specialists for root canals and other veterinary endodontics. Woodbury Animal Hospital makes every effort to use only the most effective pain management solutions to assist healing and minimize discomfort at every stage. We pledge to always take the utmost care in our dental work, and are proud to offer clients our services in this growing part of our practice.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a dental care appointment for your dog or cat.

What our customers are saying about us:

What our customers are saying about us

There is no doubt in our minds that our pets will be taken care of with compassion and love when they are in your care. There is nowhere else we would recommend to our friends for their pets.

I always know my dog is in good hands when my mom says "We're taking Dylan to the vet today." That's a good thing!!

The patience, compassion, understanding, and humanity that you showed me goes far beyond any definition of professional ethic. I am in your debt. I thank you.

We would like to thank you for your kindness, compassion and patience. With your help we had the greatest gift anyone could ask for.

Thanks to everyone for your care, warmth, professionalism and level-headed pet advice!

I want to thank all of you for taking such wonderful care of me when I got my teeth cleaned and tooth pulled recently. I even came home with my coat neatly brushed and smelling mighty fine. I'm my old self again - Harley the Dog

What our customers are saying about us