Woodbury Animal Hospital's Dedication to Safe and Effective Surgery for Cats & Dogs

At Woodbury Animal Hospital, we routinely perform a number of standard surgeries such as spays & neuters, dental surgery, and other soft tissue procedures. We also offer orthopedic surgery solutions by board-certified veterinary specialists.

Professional Support for You and Your pet

inside imageOur goal is to provide your pet with the same level of surgical care you would expect for yourself in a human hospital. Each surgery begins with an exam to determine if a procedure is absolutely necessary for your pet, or if there are other viable treatment options we can explore.

Another important step in our surgical preparation protocol is the identification and evaluation of concurrent issues. Items spotted here could influence the outcome of a surgical procedure. Consequently, we can adjust our treatment plan where needed, long before an operation begins. This can also afford us the opportunity to address a concurrent issue in the same surgery, where prudent, and thus avoid a second potential surgery down the road.

Our Surgical Standard of Care

We run pre-anesthetic blood work to pinpoint any preexisting conditions before patients are anesthetized. Our surgeons glove, gown, cap, and mask for every procedure to ensure a sterile environment. Patients are kept comfortable, placed on warming blankets, and are monitored by certified veterinary technicians for the extent of the surgery. Full monitoring equipment remains in use throughout to keep track of heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, temperature, and other vital parameters. All surgical patients will also have an IV catheter inserted into a vein to administer medications and provide constant hydration during their procedure.

Pet Pain Management

We believe in the use of thorough, aggressive pain management techniques to minimize any discomfort of your special friend. All of our surgical patients receive complete intra- and post-operative pain control. Routine surgical patients are typically sent home the same day, with professional owner advice from our veterinarians on how to care for your pet after surgery.

Board-certified Veterinary Specialty Surgeries

Just as in human medicine, there are some surgical procedures that require years of training to become proficient. Fortunately, we have access to board certified surgeons who have that training in orthopedics and complex soft tissue surgery. These surgeons are mobile and can often perform these procedures conveniently at our own hospital.

You can expect the high level of care and attention to detail that we take in every surgical procedure to be applied to your pet, should they need an operation. Because of our concern for your pets, we never want to see them in harm's way, Woodbury Animal Hospital's veterinary staff remains dedicated to providing the safest and best in routine veterinary surgery.

What our customers are saying about us:

What our customers are saying about us

There is no doubt in our minds that our pets will be taken care of with compassion and love when they are in your care. There is nowhere else we would recommend to our friends for their pets.

I always know my dog is in good hands when my mom says "We're taking Dylan to the vet today." That's a good thing!!

The patience, compassion, understanding, and humanity that you showed me goes far beyond any definition of professional ethic. I am in your debt. I thank you.

We would like to thank you for your kindness, compassion and patience. With your help we had the greatest gift anyone could ask for.

Thanks to everyone for your care, warmth, professionalism and level-headed pet advice!

I want to thank all of you for taking such wonderful care of me when I got my teeth cleaned and tooth pulled recently. I even came home with my coat neatly brushed and smelling mighty fine. I'm my old self again - Harley the Dog

What our customers are saying about us